Betr Health


Development Team

Project Type

Custom WooCommerce Membership Site


12 Jan 2021



WooCommerce Built for Subscriptions

Betr Health wanted to refine their meal delivery and diet coaching service with a freshly revamped WooCommerce site. Eagle Rocket took the role of a full-time dev team and customized the site with dozens of new features, page rebuilds, and a reworking of the membership system to maximize the revenue-generation potential of the site.

With two different membership programs, recurring subscriptions are the bread and butter of the Betr Health business model. Eagle Rocket streamlined the processes and created reliable future-proof solutions.


Our Approach

Full-Time Help

Eagle Rocket is a truly bespoke agency that molds to the dynamic needs of our clients. For this contract, we replaced a full-time developer as an agency, working 40-60 hours a week on the site for a period of around 5 months. By combining a qualified management point of contact with a team of expert developers,




Betr Health was created with a 100% mobile-first approach. Eagle Rocket tirelessly tested the site across all the major browsers and devices in order to create a truly dynamic site. We understand the importance of reaching a wide audience across all platforms and viewing scenarios. All of our sites are built with mobile and tablet users in mind, fully responsive.