Magento 2



Development and Design


12 October 2020


5 Jan 2021



Custom Magento Done Right

GRX-Pharma needed a brand new custom Magento 2 site with custom features like user-level specific visibility on products, a custom availability map, and many more. By creating a lean and optimized Magento 2 site on a custom AWS server with load balances, our team was able to accommodate a wide variety of use-cases in one site platform.

Built on a 100% custom Magento theme, this site was hand-coded from the ground up with an in-house made design. Custom features and connections to external APIs were utilized to achieve the client's goals smoothly and with precision


Our Approach

Out of the Box

Eagle Rocket has an attitude that anything is possible on a website. When a client like GRX-Pharma requests custom features, our team knows how to modify existing plug-ins or create new ones from scratch to accomplish any goal. From integrations with ERP's to automated 3rd Party Logistics systems, Eagle Rocket crafts formulas for project success rooted in research and communication.



Smooth as Butter

At Eagle Rocket, we believe that the development process should be painless for our clients. With a structured, yet agile, methodology, our managers and systems analysts continuously apply gentle, steady pressure on our developing team to meet deadlines and keep an open line of communication with our clients for daily updates. Through teamwork and experience, we are able to have an over 99% project success rate