Mushroom Revival


Development Team

Project Type

Custom Shopify Theme


20 Dec 2020



Custom Shopify Done Right

For Mushroom Revival, the Eagle Rocket team was tasked with building a site that was fresh, stylish, and fast. With a goal of breathing new life into the brand and keeping performance fast under the hood, our team worked tirelessly to create a pixel perfect rendition of their vision.

Built on a 100% custom Shopify theme, this site was hand-coded from the ground up. After publishing our theme over the legacy site, sales took off and the company's brand identity was solidified.


Our Approach

Communication is Key

Eagle Rocket has created a formula for project success rooted in strong communication. Our certified project managers have weekly calls with our clients, reporting on progress and suggesting new routes and options for ways to increase performance, conversions, and user experience. With daily reporting and close monitoring of our developer, management, and client pipelines, every Eagle Rocket project is destined for success.




As eCommerce professionals, Eagle Rocket advised the Mushroom Revival team on dozens of ways to improve their website functionality. We streamlined product categories, added bundle functionality, discounts, and top-bar promotions. On the back-end, automated shipping integrations with 3rd party logistics were configured to simplify fulfilment processes. Finally, deep analytic reporting and compiled heat map-tracking positioned the site owners in a position where data could guide future developmental decisions.